100 Greatest Hits HD full review

The early 80s was very much a boom time for home computing. Acorn were there, with the Atom, BBC Micro and Electron; Amstrad were there; Atari were there and - as is the subject of this review - Sinclair were among the market leaders at the time. The games market was huge, full of cheap games for people looking to make the most of this new pasttime and with the likes of US Gold, Audiogenic, Ocean and Elite Systems releasing dozens and dozens of classic games.

Over the last thirty years, many of these companies have disappeared; having been swallowed by larger companies (US Gold into Eidos; Ocean into Infogrames/Atari) whereas others have whithered to virtually nothing. Elite Systems, however, reinvented itself as a developer of games and applications for mobile platforms.

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum we have 100 Greatest Hits HD.  

Available as a lite version (from within which you can buy the additional games packs); or as a full version (incorporating Bruce Lee plus 25 games packs each containing four games from a publisher) the potential within this app is there for many weeks of retro entertainment.

Games available include:

Elite Pack #1 - Chuckie Egg, Buggy Boy, Turbo Esprit, Saboteur!
Elite Pack #2 - Roller Coaster, Beyond Ice Palace, Saboteur II, Batty
Software Projects Pack #1 - Manic Miner, Astronut, Orion, Thrusta
Software Projects Pack #2 - Jet Set Willy, Jet Set Willy II, Push Off, Hysteria
Gremlin Pack #1 - Wanted Monty, Monty On the Run, Auf Wiedersehen Monty, Moley Christmas
Gremlin Pack #2 - Jack The Nipper, Jack The Nipper II, Avenger, Krakout
Palace Pack #1 - Barbarian, Cauldron, Crazy Cars, Secret Armor Of Antiriad
Palace Pack #2 - Barbarian II, Cauldron II, Crazy Cars II, Extreme
Alternative Software Pack #1 - Skool Daze, Hideous, Eliminator, Dead or Alive
Alternative Software Pack #2 - Back To Skool, Confuzion, Slug, Revolver
Cronosoft Pack #1 - Splattr, Stranded 2.5, W*H*B, Treasure Trove
Cronosoft Pack #2 - Gamex, SlubberDegullion, Egghead 4, Egghead 5
Hewson Pack #1 - Cybernoid, Zynaps, Uridium, Nebulus
Hewson Pack #2 - Cybernoid II, Rana Rama, Dragontorc, Avalon
Vortex Software Pack #1 - TLL, Deflektor, Highway Encounter, Android One
Vortex Software Pack #2 - Cyclone, Android II, Revolution, Alien Highway
New Generation Software Pack - Trashman, Trashman II, Genon, Escape
Mikro-Gen Pack - Pyjamarama, Everyone’s A Wally, Automania, Frost Byte
Julian Gollop Pack - Chaos, Lords of Chaos, Laser Squad, Rebelstar
Steve Crow Pack - Starquake, Firelord, Wizards lair, Laser Snaker
Odin Computer Graphics Pack - Nodes Of Yesod, Arc Of Yesod, Heartland, Robin Of The Wood
Nexus Pack - Earthlight, Micronaut One, Firestorm, Nexus
Data East Pack - Midnight Resistance, Dragon Ninja, Sly Spy, Express Raider
Audiogenic Pack - Emlyn Hughes International Soccer, Exterminator, Helter Skelter, Impact
Durrel Pack - Critical Mass, Fatworm Blows A Sparky, Scuba Dive, Thanatos

The games are licenced from their current owners; and include full instructions as well as their original package artwork.

In play, whichever way you look at it, they look and feel like the original 8-bit games. There's something nice about the iDaptive controls (wherein you can define for yourself joystick, keyboard and canvass options to control the games) bringing the degree of interactivity you'd expect from an iPad game but without taking away from the experience of the 8-bit original.

Download 100 Greatest Hits HD from the App Store here

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