10000000 for iPad and iPhone full review

Commenting on how fearsomely compulsive a videogame is can be pretty much the laziest form of commentary. Sometimes, though, it has to be said - because, by God, 10000000 is addictive. An effortless blend of match-3 games like Bejewelled and dungeon-running roleplaying games like Diablo or ORC: Vengeance - which means two of the most notoriously time-devouring genres of game, combined into one frightening whole.

Fortunately, it's also brilliant with it. As your little pixel-dude automatically wanders through a retro dungeon, he'll encounter assorted obstacles - monsters of varying challenge, locked chests and doors - and have to arrange trios of matching blocks in the bottom half of the screen to defeat them. Swords or wands will hurt enemies, shields will defend yourself, keys will unlock things, chests will grant power-ups. Time is always against you, and there is not a chance in hell that you won't immediately have another go upon your inevitable defeat.

As for the titular number - well, that's the score you need to get to the game. It'll take you a while. And yes, the developer of the game is well aware that they've given it a name that makes it incredibly hard to find online.

Download 10000000 for iPad and iPhone from the App Store here

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