The 7th Guest full review

Oh dear - this one-time technical tour de force has not weathered the years well. The 7th Guest is scary for all the wrong reasons.

Back in the early 1990s, the 7th Guest, a haunted house adventure, was single-handedly responsible for flogging a whole lot of CD-ROM drives to PC gamers who'd never before seen so much live-action video on their monitors.

But with said live-action video, and the pre-rendered backgrounds it's set against, suffering from the twin misfortunes of low-resolution and cheesily low-budget performances, it's a struggle to see The 7th Guest as anything but a nostalgic curio in its fairly token conversion to iOS. The 21 logic puzzles that frame the central story of a demonic toymaker aren't much fun, nor do they make narrative sense. Dividing a cake into six equal pieces was weird enough back in 1993 - in 2012 it seems outright insane.

On the upside, B-movie fare such as poorly superimposed spectral women in white manage to offer a few laugh out loud funny moments. Not intentionally, alas.

The 7th Guest

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