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9mm is a third person shooter in which players follow in the footsteps of a police detective named John Kannon. The games story follows a sturdy structure, and like most shooters, everything is shoot first ask questions once the bad guys are dead, making this game frequently entertaining.

The graphics are superb and the dialogue definitely makes you laugh, a must buy for Grand Theft Auto fans. The game utilises the gyroscope function in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4, and encourages players to get creative as they go through the game unloading rounds into enemies. The developers, Gameloft, knew that using the gyroscope could be tricky business, as players will find it difficult getting used to this new style of gaming, so they've added the option to turn the gyroscope feature off. In fact, you can pretty much change the game's controls entirely to suit your needs. Expert thinking.

That said, leaving the gyro on makes it that much more satisfying when you take down those first few baddies, and in turn leaves a big grin on your face when you realise how much fun it can be. Just make sure you have some space around you as it can be hard not to start swinging your device around in circles in an attempt to take out the enemy that's just out of view.

The buttons are conveniently placed, with the crouch/stand button and the virtual joystick on the left and the ability to touch the screen or turn the device to move the camera. The shoot and run button is in the bottom right corner next to the slow mo button which is a cool feature allowing you to dive in slow-motion across the screen, this can be handy when there are six or seven thugs all trying to shoot you at once. There are many different firearms to chose from with the ability to quick cycle through them.

Though there is a shop which allows you to buy upgrades, it's not really needed as you can pick up your enemy's weapons and save your hard earned cash, which we strongly recommend, because the money you earn is also used for multiplayer mode. This is when you'll really need some cash, as you'll want to buy some better weaponry right away to keep up with the competition. Multiplayer is just like your average online shooting experience, with upgrades, a leveling system, and a kill to death ratio. What keeps it fresh is the gyroscope feature. Well done Gameloft.

9mm - Gameloft

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