Ancient Frog for iPhone full review

Ancient Frog is a meditative puzzle game. The key aim of the game is to help you relax and mellow out, and it performs quite well in that regard. Solving each of the 100 puzzles is fun, but the appeal of the £2.99 game would suffer without the overall calming mood.

You control an unusually flexible, beautifully rendered frog, who’s standing on a similarly intricate leaf. You must move him, one webbed appendage at a time, so that he can eventually reach the fly waiting at the far end of the leaf. Your froggy feet may only be put in certain places, and they’re not all always available. As you tap and hold on a foot, a light highlight shows which spots (if any) that foot can currently reach. Your goal is to find the shortest path to reach the indicated final position.

Ancient Frog is a peaceful game. Take as long as you need on each new level, because there are no time limits. Although each level has a suggestion for how many steps it can be completed in, you’re welcome to take as many steps as you need to get it done. You can always take a move back – swipe across the screen to the left to undo and to the right to redo. If you find the current level too stressful, tap the daisy in the upper-right corner to skip it.

The daisy shows how many steps you’ve taken and the par level. When you spend a long time on one level and take many steps, petals from the daisy drift down across the screen.

Early on in Ancient Frog, the difficulty is pretty minimal. As you progress through the game, strategy begins to play a larger role. As zen-like as the game strives to be, we still found that vexing levels got under our skin.

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