Angry Birds HD full review

We’re huge fans of Angry Birds here at Macworld so we are pleased that its maker Chillingo has brought all the greatness of the original version to the iPad, with the added bonus of a larger canvas and better graphics.

If you’re unfamiliar with this addictive puzzle/action game, in summary, evil little green pigs have stolen the birds’ eggs, and the birds are none too pleased. It is your job to fling the different birds at the pigs in order to destroy them. Unfortunately, the pigs have constructed an assortment of buildings and fortifications you’ll need to knock down in order to defeat them.

While the gameplay on the iPad is identical to the iPhone version, the larger screen has several benefits. The adorable characters, clever animations and well-designed levels really come alive on the larger screen. Aiming is now easier since your finger doesn’t block out as much of the screen when pulling back on the slingshot. While the gameplay still spans across multiple screens when zoomed in, zooming out becomes a practical option for surveying the situation and lining up a shot – something that is difficult to do on the iPhone’s smaller screen.

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