Angry Birds Rio for iOS review

Created to tie in with Rio, the animated movie from DreamWorks, Angry Birds Rio ditches the usual storyline – badass birds battling snickering pigs – and replaces it with a series of increasingly fiendish rescue missions. These involve firing the angry birds of the title at a series of cages, with the aim of freeing our exotic feathered friends.

Gameplay in Angry Birds Rio will be familiar to anyone who’s played any other game in the franchise. Each bird you fire has different powers, which you can exploit to make your missions easier. The challenge is to figure out how to break through the structures that surround each cage and set the captives free.

Angry Birds fanatics will probably enjoy this latest installment, and there’s plenty here to like, from the new puzzles to the jaunty tropical soundtrack. So far, only two of the six episodes in the story – each containing 60 levels – have been revealed. Another four will follow through app updates during the course of the year.

No green pigs here; instead you’re helping to spring some of Rio’s stars


However, we think something is lost by not having the green pigs there to menace the birds – there’s something about the way they giggle and smile when you fail to clear a level that makes them seem more worthy opponents than the unseen bird poachers here. We also think the puzzles in the first episode – Smuggler’s Den – were too easy to solve. Hopefully, things will get trickier.

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