Anomaly Korea full review

This follow-up to the relatively accomplished tower-defence-in-reverse game Anomaly: Warzone Earth, but it does come across and tighter than its predecessor. As opposed to traditional tower defence games such as Fieldrunners, your job isn't to set down turrets in order to prevent the relentless march of a computer-controlled army, but instead you are that army.

You set what you believe/hope is the safest and most efficient course around a twisty map guarded by fiendish but static alien death-machines, then off your little tanks and other vehicles go. As they auto-pilot themselves around the path you've programmed, your role is to frantically activate power-ups, summon reinforcements and swap badly damaged units to the back of your troop in the hope of minimising casualties. It's absorbing stuff, finding itself a difficulty sweetspot, so everything feels achievable even when there's no immediately obvious way to survive all those towering alien horrors.

Unfortunately, while Anomaly's attractive on a technical level, it's a bit short on character. Various soldiers mutter objectives at each other tediously, the aliens rotate a bit and, well, that's about it. It'd almost be better as a minimalist game of shapes (i.e. like Hundreds, above) than putting so much effort into its unengaging sci-fi setting.

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