Astro Clash 2.0 full review

The lightweight nature of the iPhone, and the accessible coding environment makes it idea for revisiting arcade classics. Astro Clash, by Jaylord Systems, is one such game, recreating Asteroids on the iPhone and iPad. 

Gameplay will be familiar to those who played the original, you rotate your ship left and right, a thrust button enables you to move and a fire button emits shots. The aim is to clear the screen of the floating asteroid rocks (these split into smaller rocks, before being shot into oblivion).

You also get a bomb that smashes nearby rocks, and a temporary shield. Sometimes broken rocks leave replacement bombs and sheilds for you to pick up.

Astro Clash for iPhone

Astro Clash is one of the more faithful recreations, featuring the same vector-style graphics of the original. Most of the other Asteroids games have updated graphics, and controls, which we think diminishes the experience somewhat.

Astro Clash is much better, but not perfect to the original though. Shots only fire for a short distance, so you can't pick of rocks from a distance. And instead of suffering instant death upon collision with a rock, you lose energy (and die when too much energy is gone).

While this makes for a more modern and accessible game, Asterioids purists will wince at deviations from the classic. It's nice to see it cross-compatible with both iPhone and iPad as well.

Click here to download from iTunes.

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