Avernum 6 HD full review

Avernum 6 HD is a proper, deep, complex roleplaying game for the iPad.

If you're of the opinion that proper, deep, complex roleplaying games are impossible on mobile devices, allow us to point you in Avernum's thoughtful direction. Made with the values of the early 90s detailed and sprawling worlds and tactical combat, rather than the bang-bang-sex-cutscene-bang-cutscene approach of today's efforts, this is something to sink hours into, agonising about which character stats to raise, searching for secrets and getting wonderfully lost.

It has a few issues compressing so much information and so many fantastical yet statty abilities down into the confines of an iPad screen - even the iPad 3/4's ludicrous resolution can't help when there's only 10 inches to play with.

Not a huge issue though - you'll be so wrapped up in the pursuit of new weapons, how to rob a chest full of loot without being spotted by the shopkeeper or which spell is most effective at demolishing a horde of cat-people that such superficial problems fade away quickly. 

This is very much a game for a long plane flight or rainy weekend rather than quick hits on the bus, and as such its relatively high price is a worthwhile investment indeed.

Download Avernum 6 HD for iPad from the App Store here 

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