Bad Hotel full review

When we talk about iOS tower defence games, we tend to think of Field Runners and its suicidal death march of legions of tiny soldiers, but Bad Hotel is a gloriously cracked remix of the entire concept.

You're the manager of a series of towering hotels in luxury, neon-hued settings, but the building's psychopathic Texan owner wants to trash it in order to get his hands on the insurance pay-out. You counter his squads of bird-bombers, mad swimmers and death-balloons by building the hotel ever-higher like a giant Lego tower, adding revenue-earning rooms, defensive guns, healing blocks and the like to try and survive the absurd onslaught.

As your hotel changes shape, it sounds different abstract tunes, so there's music-making to be done at the same time as survival. Then there are the deliriously over the top boss fights, which are far better seen than being ruined by description.

Download Bad Hotel for the iPad and iPhone from the App Store here

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