Beat Sneak Bandit for iPad and iPhone review

Some crooks are happy just smashing a window and taking what they want, but that's not everyone's style. Where's the art, where's the grace? Beat Sneak Bandit puts the emphasis on music and rhythm in a way that most organised crime syndicates don't have time for. Fortunately, our hero literally has time on his hands – breaking into the mansion of Duke Clockface to steal back timepieces, stolen for reasons that become clear towards the end of the game's 4 chapters.

Each level offers a different area of the Duke's mansion, and everything in the house follows a set rhythmic pattern from trapdoors to security guards. By tapping to the beat on the iPhone screen, the Beat Sneak Bandit will step forward. Hit a wall, and he'll turn around. These simple mechanics, plus the timing of the action around you, are all that's required to conquer each level.

It's harder than it sounds, especially picking up the bonus clocks to open extra areas, but it's always engaging and offers the same 'one more go' thrill that I imagine a real life of crime would. To top it off, every aspect of the presentation is immaculate, from the stylised cartoon backdrops, to the music that changes when a tutorial phonecall comes in – all to the beat, of course.

You can download Beat Sneak Bandit from the App Store here


It's touch on the short side, but Sneak Beat Bandit will charm iOS users with its quirky, original and stylish take on the stealth platforming genre. If you lack rhythm though, prepare to be shown up.

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