Bit Dungeon for iPad and iPhone review

A dungeon-running roleplaying game where the only certainty is death: the App Store's awash with such games, known as Roguelikes. Bit Dungeon's a no-frills and more high-action take on the concept though, which means the only time that you're not cheerfully hitting a cartoon monster with a sword is when you're rummaging through its corpse to see if there's a better sword in there.

There isn't a whole lot of skill in there - it's a roll of the dice every time, and that gives it a certain gambling frisson. It might be faster and more frantic than most roguelikes (even a good run will last all of fifteen minutes) but it's not afraid of being brutal. 

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You will die - the question is when, in which of its randomly-generated dungeon levels, and how great your loot is when you do.

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