Blobster full review

Blobster is a puzzle game that requires you to use a bit of logic. The game makes players think about where they're going and requires exploration of the entire map before finishing the level. Full of vibrant colours and cartoon graphics, Blobster appears to be aimed at children but adults would also enjoy it. The game is a side-scrolling platform with power-ups dotted all over the map to help you in difficult situations.

The controls are very easy to get used to. There is a choice of two types of movement, Tilt your device to make Blobster roll across the screen or can touching the sides of the screen to move Blobster. These options can be changed in the settings menu. All the controls are simple and are explained very well in the tutorial level.

A fun bonus in this game is that there are other Blobster-like characters you can choose to control such as Blonut the doughnut and Amigo Blobster the Spanish blob. They give a great variety of gameplay. Blobster also makes little squeaks when he jumps and when you leave him and wait he makes an impatient squeak.

Blobster does have enemies. Blobzilla is an evil tycoon who runs the Big & Powerful LTD the factories and mines for Blobules. Blobules are the World's source of energy. We felt a strange sense of similarity with this storyline, and we wonder what BP will make at this clear jab at its deep-water horizon oil spill in 2010.

Help Blobster save his planet

Blobster has three game modes, Arcade, Survival and Race. Arcade and Race are unlocked when you purchase the app, but you have to complete 75 per cent of the game to unlock Survival mode. Arcade mode is a series of levels on worlds. There are four worlds and on each one there are ten levels and three bonus levels. The game is frightfully addictive and there are just not enough levels in arcade to fulfil this addiction.

The Race mode is a race against time to get as far into the level as possible while collecting as many Blobules as you can. The level in this game mode doesn't have a finish, and all of your friends' best results, and where they finished, are posted on the screen so you can compete for the best score.

The Survival game mode has to be unlocked. It can be unlocked by completing 75 per cent of the Arcade mode. We wont give much away but in Survival mode you are constantly attacked by enemies and you have to get the right power-up to defeat them.

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