Call of Duty: World at War - Zombies for iPhone review full review

Activision recognises the pleasures inherit in killing the fascist undead, and thus charges you £5.99 for Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies.

The game finds you in a bombed-out disaster area circa World War II. The first level, Nacht der Untoten (Night of the Undead), takes place in a creepy bunker where you’ve barricaded yourself to prepare for the onslaught of Nazi zombies. Zombies enter the room through one of five barricades, meaning you’ll have to keep vigilant to stay alive.

Zombie Verrükt, a second map available for an obscene £2.99, is a natural progression in terms of difficulty and story development. The ‘verrükt’ is an asylum, where the crazies are now crazy zombies. The set-up is much the same as the first map.

The controls take a while to get the hang of but are well suited to the 3D format. A joystick on the left side of the screen lets you walk in each direction, while a second joystick on the right lets you rotate your view to change direction. It takes a little practice to learn how to use them simultaneously.

Like the console version of World at War, a button allows you to lift your gun and take aim for precise firing. It gets the job done, but limits your peripheral vision. You start out with a simple pistol but each kill increases your points, allowing you to buy more powerful guns and ammo.

There are two difficulties in single player mode to add a little more dimension, as well as a multiplayer mode with choices to play over WiFi on your router, Bluetooth with a friend, or online with remote players.

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