Carmageddon for iPad and iPhone review

If you were a schoolkid in the early 1990s, you may remember Carmageddon as the more fearfully-minded newspapers' go-to gaming nasty, long before Grand Theft Auto became the posterboy for electronic misanthrophy. A racing game with cartoonish ultra-violence, it was at least as famous for temporarily having its human pedestrians replaced with green-blooded zombies by panicked censors as it was for the high-octane action driving.

Re-released on iOS after years in the wilderness, it can't help but seem tame by today's high-definition standards. Its once-lauded humour also seems a little dad-ish today, but as an action racing game it's got a whole lot still going for it. 

Download Carmageddon for iPad and iPhone from the App Store here


The combination of racing, shooting and mowing down pedestrians by the dozen is a massively satisfying one, and it's had a decent, careful and higher-fidelity iOS translation too.

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