The Crystal Maze full review

Since it was first shown on Channel 4 in the early 1990's, The Crystal Maze has been a constant feature across the various satellite/cable television channels (most recently including Challenge). The reasoning appears to be simple - it's set within a maze that appears to jump across time and space, bringing the contestents within face to face with a wide variety of challenges.

The iPad and iPhone game follows the setting of the first three seasons - the presenter is Richard O'Brien (creator of The Rocky Horror Show), and the zones are:

  • Aztec, placing you within a small village in the year 1518
  • Futuristic, placing you on board a space station in the year 2494
  • Medieval, within the castle where the host lived in 1302 (alongside his mumsie..)
  • Industrial, within an industrial chemical plant.

The challenges available include a skill, mystery, mental and physical. The games themselves appear to take inspiration very heavily from the TV show. For instance, there is a game involving placing crystals into the mouths of idols; as well as games involving moving word sequences from one position to another. Depending upon the skill level chosen, the time you have available to address each challenge reduces. The same challenge can appear in more than one skill level, but with significantly less time to complete it.

Bring the four symbols together in the box at the top of the wheel and, within a few seconds, you'll have a crystal

If you fail to complete a challenge within the time limit given, you lose a player. To buy back that player in The Crystal Maze costs a crystal.

This is, of course, before you reach the Cystal Maze itself. Each crystal you have brings five seconds in the crystal dome where you work towards getting a hundred gold tokens; leaving behind the silver tokens. If you do this, you've beaten The Crystal Maze.. if you don't, well.. you continue until you do.

The challenges take many forms: here you need to select the word that links to the previous word in the sequence. It's rather difficult.

You can download The Crystal Maze HD for the iPad from The App Store here

You can download The Crystal Maze for the iPhone from the App Store here

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