Dark Meadow for iPad and iPhone full review

You awake in an abandoned hospital with no idea how you got there. Either you should go easy on the whiskey in future, or you're playing Dark Meadow – an atmospheric horror adventure in the vein of Infinity Blade. An old man warns you of horrors within, but is confident you're the person to help his escape. He'll be your guide, and against the spirit of the genre, his chatter is littered with amusing throw-away remarks.

The player must explore the dusty rooms, looking for health packs and money which can be used to buy better weapons to deal with the nasties when they emerge. Monsters always appear in the same way, showing up in the corridors (never the rooms), rushing towards you. First you use a crossbow to take them down from distance by pulling back and aiming on the touch screen, but when they get close enough you switch to melee weapons, needing to time your blocks and dodges, and then swipe the screen to attack. When they fall, they drop loot and experience points, RPG style but if you die, it's back to the starting hospital bed again. It generally works well, but gets samey, and the predictable way the baddies emerge takes away a lot of the tense atmosphere the genre tries so hard to foster.

You can download Dark Meadow for the iPad and iPhone from the App Store here

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