Dead Space™ full review

Electronic Arts Dead Space for the iPad is a surprisingly compelling third-person shooter. You play as a saboteur set to attack a government space station called The Sprawl as part of an uprising. But your sabotage releases nightmarish creatures called Necromorphs – now you must fight to survive.

With Dead Space’s pins-and-needles soundtrack and thrilling atmosphere, you’re always on edge. Your weapons are nothing more than modified mining equipment. They feel futuristic, yet barely up to the task – you’re always scrambling to find ammo and shots need to count as it takes several hits to kill a foe. 

If the beasties reach you, there are touch-activated quick-time events you can initiate. Depending on the enemy, these can push the enemy back a few feet or kill them outright. 

You’ll find 'nodes' for upgrading your armour and weapons, though each improvement is slight, so you’ll have to pick your upgrades tactically. The effect is a bit frustrating, as you never feel prepared for a prolonged fight, but the game never pushes you too hard. 

The third-person perspective in Dead Space looks great on the iPad

Aiming, shooting, and initiating quick-time events by tapping is easy. You can also swipe during some segments. We found the ability to initiate secondary attacks a bit difficult, though. 

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