The Devil's Attorney full review

When you talk games about lawyers, you probably think Phoenix Wright – the noble defender of the wrongfully accused. Max McMann, the star here, is nothing like Phoenix – he's venal, duplicitous and defends the obviously guilty against prosecution using a whole handful of dodgy methods from discrediting witnesses to 'losing evidence'.

All this sounds promising, but there's two other key differences: the game, while fun, isn't quite as engaging, and it's not a story led adventure, but a series of RPG style turn-based battles in a courtroom skin.

The presentation is superb – from the cartoony 80s vibe (the intro video and catchy theme tune alone must have taken weeks) to its immaculate voice acting, the whole game screams attention to detail. Your aim is to take on increasingly high profile cases in order to deck your house with the most ostentatious furnishings around (which boost either your decadence, vanity or materialism to level up your skills).

Once in court, the game is a turn based battle where you have to discredit or destroy the opposition’s witnesses, evidence and lawyer in order that the case is thrown out. You do thatby using your arsenal of dirty tricks at the right time, hoping they inflict the maximum damage – like a fight in a turn-based RPG. 

Download The Devils Attorney for iPad and iPhone from the App Store here

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