Doom Resurrection for iPhone full review

Thanks to a collaboration between Id Software and Escalation Studios, the gun-toting carnage of Doom has arrived on the iPhone.

The artwork and plot are ported from Doom 3. An experiment on a research base on Mars goes horribly awry and you play as one of the surviving marines in a desperate attempt to get off the facility alive.

Thankfully, you have plenty of firepower. Doom is renowned for its weapons, including the shotgun, minigun and chainsaw, and they all return here in addition to a plasma rifle, double-barreled shotgun, and an assault rifle. But it’s frustrating that you have only three weapons available to you at any one stage.

The save system is done by checkpoints, which are frequent. Surprisingly, there are very few load screens in the game and the battery isn’t drained particularly quickly – whatever Id Software is doing to preserve battery life, we hope the company shares these trade secrets with notoriously load-screen heavy and battery-draining developers like EA.

Doom Resurrection falls short of being a truly ideal Doom experience. It’s a “rail shooter”– the player aims the space marine’s weapons using the accelerometer and fires, dodges, or gathers weapons through touching the screen, but movement is performed by the computer – so you don’t truly “move” the player. This means you can’t retreat when confronted with oncoming enemies. You’ll constantly be looking to tap on items to pick them up while the camera is moving and you’re dispatching enemies. For a small screen, there is a lot going on.

Usually, the camera only moves after you’ve cleared the enemies in a given scenario. However, on one of the later hell stages the camera panned away before we had killed an approaching demon. While we were fighting another enemy, the demon was still hacking us to death, but we couldn’t see it so couldn’t do anything about it.

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