Dragon's Lair HD for iPad review

First released as an arcade game in 1983, Dragon's Lair is an interactive movie. At points within the game you’ll need to carry out an action – usually left, right, up or down or a weapon swipe – to help Dirk the Daring get through that scene.

Designed by Don Bluth – of An American Tale – as an interactive movie Dragon's Lair plays out well. The story is simple enough: the evil dragon Singe has locked Princess Daphne in the wizard Mordroc’s castle; and Dirk the Daring is attempting to rescue her.

Timing is everything with this – if you move a second too late, or a second too early, it can result in fatal consequences for poor Dirk.

A nice feature of the iPad version is that you can have infinite lives; meaning that you can play it through until the end – it’s a little easier said than done, though, as some of the scenes are very difficult to progress through.


If you’re a gamer of the early 80’s, Dragon's Lair will immediately take you back to your times in the arcade. It’s a faithful reproduction and plays just as the original did. It can get repetitive, though – if you’re stuck on a screen with seemingly no way to progress that may just be the end of the game for you.

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