Dungeon & Hero full review

Dungeon and Hero does a good job of cramming the elements of a traditional role-playing game into an iPhone-sized package.

At the start of the game you’re given the choice of playing three different characters – a male warrior, a female archer, or a wizard. Like any good role-playing game, Dungeon and Hero gives you a number of ‘stat’ points that you can allocate in order to enhance weapon skills or spell-casting ability. You are then dropped into the action in Serene Village, which is being terrorised by mysterious goings-on in the nearby Frenz Forest.

The landscape is depicted with 2D graphics that are detailed, but small. Your main character in particular is tiny, making it hard to see what’s going on, or to get involved with your character.

Controlling the game is simple. A ‘gamepad’ on one side of the screen displays arrows that you can tap in order to move your character around the screen. On the other side there’s an ‘action’ button for attacking monsters or talking to other characters.

These characters will help you out with information as well as selling you additional weapons and other items that will help you survive. Dungeon and Hero follows the traditional ‘levelling up’ process that allocates experience points as you gain levels so that you can develop different skills and create an individual character that suits your personal playing style.

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