Eufloria HD for iPad review

Eufloria HD for iPad is a stylish, ambient strategy game that somehow manages to be both calming and tense.

Similar in many ways to planet-grabbing App Store mainstay Galcon, Eufloria pairs simple strategy with mood and style.

Your job is to conquer a pastel-hued pocket of space by directing armies of ‘seedlings’ from colony to colony, wiping out any enemies that lurk there and establishing your own trees to generate new seedlings from. Victory is had from weight of numbers, and to achieve that you need to be grabbing as much territory as possible, and making tough decisions about how many seedlings you need to defend your own holdings and how many are sent out to battle.

The push ’n’ pull strategy is compelling enough, but it’s the hand-drawn graphics and pretty ambient soundtrack that really makes Eufloria stand out as something special. The decision to be an iPad-only game is a sensible one, and this is all about the big picture and grand gesturing.

Eufloria HD for iPad

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The tension and fine control of Eufloria’s planet-swapping strategy is smartly offset by the calming ambience of its painterly graphics and atmospheric music. A familiar concept, but a true original in style.

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