Fieldrunners full review

Desktop Tower Defense, an Adobe Flash game, took the world by storm when it was released in 2007, and it set off a wave of imitators. Fieldrunners sticks pretty close to the original model, but with enough visual refinements to make the game a real must-have for anyone looking for entertaining and engaging real-time strategy fun on their iPhone or iPod touch.

Your home base – located off the screen on the right hand side of the game field – is under attack. All that stands between you and the enemy is a large, open field and some impenetrable woods. The enemy forces have to charge through an opening in the woods and across the field, and if they can make it to the other side without you stopping them, they’ll take some of your life away.

Here’s where the strategy part comes in. You have a small amount of money to build turrets, or towers, that can stop your enemy dead in his tracks. You can assemble gatling guns, which don’t do a lot of damage but fire very rapidly; cannons that squirt out a goop that slows the bad guys down; missile launchers, which fire slowly but do a fair bit of damage; and tesla cannons – big electric towers that fry your enemies to a crisp.

With each enemy soldier that you lay down, your defence coffers swell. And you can use that money either to upgrade your defences or to purchase additional towers. The more towers you build, the more damage you can do.

Fieldrunners sports three levels of difficulty: each level affects your weapons’ effectiveness, the enemies’ toughness, and how many points you get.

The graphics are top-notch, but unfortunately, there’s no sound.

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