Fighting Fantasy: Blood of the Zombies for iPad and iPhone review

Choose Your Own Adventure books, that great 80s fad, have been making a gentle comeback via mobile electronic versions, and now we get the true-blue resurrection: a new, official Fighting Fantasy book from original author Ian Livingstone.

The unfairness, sadism and lurid writing of Deathtrap Dungeon et al is present and correct in Blood of the Zombies, whose iOS version is lavish and slick. The words do often feel forced, the plot is nothingy and it misses any number of opportunities to slide into grand absurdity, but the branching plot and sense of threat as you battle untold numbers of zombies is strong stuff.

Download Fighting Fantasy: Blood of the Zombies for the iPad and iPhone from the App Store here


Death is, as was always the case with these books, regular and inevitable, but the faint of heart will be glad to hear that the iOS brings an easy mode as well full-colour illustrations, savegames and sound effects.

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