Fingle for iPad full review

It's impossible to play Fingle without feeling a little creeped out, and the developer is clearly aware of that, conspiring to make the whole thing feel as awkward as possible. Imagine a game of Twister – the board game where players have to contort their bodies around each other to touch coloured pads on the floor. Now imagine it with two people's hands and fingers interlocking intimately on an iPad screen. Now imagine what can only be described as a porn groove playing in the background. Now imagine the iPad letting out a breathy sigh of ecstasy when you complete a level. That's Fingle in a nut shell.


The developer describes it as 'perfect for breaking the ice or kickstarting a romantic evening', but our time with it was definitely more amused than aroused. The screen is filled with 10 squares of two different colours, one for each finger and thumb of the two players. These start off simply, but as the levels progress, the pads begin to swirl around, forcing rubbing, stroking and touching, not to mention huge amounts of swearing in our experience, as finger pads slip frustratingly away. The sense of achievement on completing a level is immense, and then punctuated when another seemingly impossible level is presented to you and your partner.

You can download Fingle for the iPad from here

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