Flick Bowling for iPhone full review

Flick Bowling features six different players and you can either ‘free play’ solo as any of the characters, or play against the computer or another player to whom you pass your iPhone.

Aiming and throwing the ball down the lane is an intuitive affair using the device’s touchscreen interface. You position your player in the lane by moving him or her left or right with your finger, then throw the ball down the lane by flicking upward. Your flick determines the velocity and direction of your ball. Flick too slow or too fast and you’re not going to get the right speed on the ball; flick too far left or right and watch the ball roll off into the gutter.

The initial release of Flick Bowling doesn’t let you hook the ball at all but the developers tell us that’s coming in a free update.

You can adjust the game’s difficulty level, which affects the sensitivity of the interface. If you find yourself unchallenged, try ratcheting up the difficulty a few notches – you’ll find things markedly harder.

Flick Bowling has beautiful graphics and decent sound effects. We especially like the glare of fluorescent bulbs reflecting off the polished lanes.

The character animation is lacking, though, and you don’t see bowlers taking the correct stance, approach the foul line and release. The players simply appear at the foul line, bend and throw the balls, but don’t actually move at all. It could have made the game a bit more realistic if these mechanics of bowling were considered as part of the gameplay.

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