Flick Fishing full review

Freeverse is rapidly getting a reputation as the best iPhone and iPod touch game developers around. It's recent title, Flick Bowling, kept the Macworld team entertained and this latest game, Flick Fishing, is even more fun.

You have three different fishing modes to play: Go Fishing, where you just cast your line and catch fish; Big Catch, where you try to land the biggest haul in three minutes; and Big Fish, where the winner is the player that lands the largest whopper, again in three minutes. You can play against the computer or against other players on a local network (or you can pass the iPhone around).

The game starts with a map showing six different fishing areas to choose from. These are quite varied in visual style and difficulty, ranging from ‘By The River’ to ‘Waves Of Doom’, each offers a different pace of gameplay and a variety of different fish.

The visual style of the game is superb, with excellent water effects created by – what we assume is pre-rendered – video with iPhone 3D visuals overlaid. There are funny touches such as ducks and seagulls wandering by and the locations are visually varied.

The mechanics of the game are fairly straightforward and intuitive. You cast your line out with a flick of the wrist, reel back in by spinning the on-screen wheel around; then yank the iPhone back, or spin the wheel to set your hook and start reeling in the fish. Then it's a case of reeling in and letting slack out depending on the size of the fish, most of the time we just span the wheel and caught the fish.

There are some other features such as choice of bait, but don't be fooled into thinking this is a complex simulation; it's at heart a fairly basic arcade game. Still, it's only 59p and any criticism regarding longevity would have to be balanced against the bargain price.

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