Fragger for iPhone full review

Fragger has become one of the most popular iPhone apps out there, because it is all about explosions. Though it has a simple interface and an adorable cartoon art style, don’t be fooled – the hundreds of physics-based puzzles require careful planning and clever solutions.

You control a Fragger, a special ops soldier that throws grenades at, or into, various structures in hopes of blowing up the masked men inside. You adjust the throwing angle and power with your finger and then let go to throw. Think Angry Birds, but with more violence.

Fragger comes with nearly 100 levels set across desert, urban and water environments, as well as Planet X levels, which take place on a different planet. There are three difficulty levels to choose from, but the tricky bit is working out how you’re going to dispatch each baddie and in which order: set off a grenade in the wrong place at the wrong time and you may kill one baddie, but end up shielding others.

Angry Birds meets special ops in this addictive, explosive puzzler

In some levels, you have to throw a grenade at just the right spot of a building and figuring out where to aim the grenade takes visualisation and practice. You’ll also need to apply the right amount of throwing power to succeed and you only have a limited number of grenades to lob to complete each level.

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