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The world of iOS gaming often offers experiences that are very futuristic (thanks to the multi-touch interface) and simultaneously quite retro (thanks to the vibrant independent developer base).

The game we’re looking at here: is a great example of how these two styles can blend together. The game is a platform and puzzle game with some shooting elements thrown in. You control a robot around a maze-like level, repairing power points and shooting down enemies.

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Like the best iOS games it doesn’t use virtual thumbstick controls, but instead uses taps and swipes to control the on-screen gameplay. You swipe to move the robot from one platform to another. The robot doesn’t walk, but floats through the air and sticks to surfaces (sometimes it bounces depending on the surface). Tapping on the screen fires a gun at enemies, and you have to dodge exploding smiling bombs. shooting and moving

The graphics are quite old-school, in some ways reminding us of classic platformers from the NES-era of gaming. Which is not to say they’re shoddy, but they are functional rather than pretty. But the game itself is quite compelling, offering a different experience to many other platform games out there. We definitely prefer the control mechanism to run and jump platform games, which for our mind need the accuracy of physical controls to play properly. 

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