Galaxy on Fire full review

Mobile phone gaming is continuing to exceed our expectations, and Galaxy on Fire continues to push the boundaries.

This 3D game owes much to that perennial genre the space shooting and trading game, first inspired by the 80s classic Elite.

It’s a familiar set up. You are a lone trader roaming a set of planets, mostly purchasing goods and selling them on for a profit. Cash is spent on upgrading your ship, which is wise, because between planets are a host of enemy craft to shoot.

You take the role of Captain Maxwell, defender of Terran (the future name of Earth) from an alien race called the Vossk. Between trading jobs the game incorporates a series of missions and a immersive world to explore.

Visually, the game is stunning. The 3D effects are beautiful to look at. It comes at a cost though, and can be jerky at times. It’s also a power hog and the developers recommend you restart the iPhone before you play to clear out memory (or you can use an app like FreeMemory). Even so, we found it frequently slowed down and occasionally crashed.

This is doubly unfortunate because many of the missions bounce you back a considerable way if you don’t complete them. This will happen quite a few times because the aliens you encounter have a habit of obliterating you. Maybe if you spend months upgrading your ship you’ll even the odds.

The controls are good as well. You can control via rolling your thumb around the lower-left of the screen, or by the accelerometer.

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