Got Cow? for iOS full review

Rather unfortunately launching within weeks of the ubiquitous toilet-gaming goliath that is Angry Birds Space, Got Cow? had in fact been in development long before the ill-tempered avians left Earth for a similar gravity-bothering set of puzzles. It's also a one-man project rather than the multi-million-dollar Rovio endeavour, so you if you'd rather support the little guy this is the way to go.

With only the loosest of plotting - aliens are kidnapping cows, you play a cow-shaped spaceship sent to wipe out said aliens - it's straight into a fairly familiar iOS gaming structure. Bite-sized levels with star ratings for how efficiently you complete them, and almost immediately intuitive one-finger controls. With just a drag to aim, you fire rockets at aliens hovering in the orbit of assorted planets, ideally taking them all out in one fell swoop.

The complication in reaching a solution is the planets’ gravitational field, which pulls your rockets either off-course or, if you’re successful, into graceful loops which take
out all the enemies. 

Yes, it's unavoidably similar to Angry Birds Space (which, again, it technically pre-dates) but by and large it's more imaginative and experimental with its puzzles, steadily introducing new elements which increase complexity and generally asking a little more of its players. It grows into something rather different to its more humble starting levels.

Got Cow? game for iOS

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