Granny Smith full review

Granny Smith likes her apples. This may sound obvious, what with the humble fruit being her namesake, but in this wonderfully whimsical app from the inaccurately named Mediocre AB studio, she’ll outrun a robber with some surprisingly spritely parkour moves to get her fill of vitamins.

Each level is a side-scrolling race between the player and an AI runner. To begin with, the player has a jump button and cane button – the former will jump, but holding down will rotate the granny in midair – the flatter the landing, the faster she’ll go, and this is how the basic mechanics work.

The cane allows you to hang on wires, and zipline along them. Later on in the game you’ll be given more buttons, but for the most part, these are the core mechanics, and they work beautifully. Rotating just the right amount in the air to get the perfect landing is immensely satisfying, and you have to carefully judge how many rotations you can get in (there is no anti-clockwise here, so misjudge at your peril).

Each level includes three apples, and it’s compulsive entertainment making sure you collect all of them, to get the full three-fruit rating on each stage. Of course, you can always replay – and you almost certainly will.

Download Granny Smith for iPhone from the App Store here

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