Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno full review

Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno is a fun, attractive side-scrolling game for iPhone and iPad. But gameplay-wise we've seen it all before. Here's our Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno review.

Another simple side-scrolling game – this time closely following the example of the highly rated Jetpack Joyride – Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno only has two controls: ascend (using the jets on your vehicle) and shoot. It's the epitome of simplicity, and its ability to plug directly into the most innate of gaming control instincts mean almost anyone will be able to grasp it at once.

The difficulty curve is pretty steep, mind you, and simply getting to the end of each level can be tricky. But the main challenge is completing objectives: collect a certain number of coins, find a secret exit, kill a certain number of monsters (or don’t shoot at all) or whatever.

Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno has a playful look and feel of its own (the plot involves a devil rabbit killing monsters in hell), but the gameplay is less original. It’s quite fun, particularly once the difficulty curve kicks in, but we can’t help feeling we’ve seen it all before. 

Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno for iPhone review

Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno for iPhone review

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