The Hunger Games: Girl On Fire for iOS full review

As a freebie intended to promote the movie of The Hunger Games, which given its current box office domination probably doesn’t need any help, it’s tempting to dismiss Girl On Fire as hollow cynicism.

As it happens, it was created by Adam Atomic the guy behind Canabalt, the increasingly classic granddaddy of autorunning games, and he’s resisted taking the path of least resistance. Girl On Fire is another autorunner – i.e. the lead character, The Hunger Games’ Katniss Everdene, sprints from left to right by herself, but adds combat to the mix.

As you frantically leap up and down you fire off arrows to take down giant mutant wasps and other foes. Simple, but satisfyingly challenging.

Death is all but inevitable, which is very much in keeping with theme of the film/book, so it’s an intense matter of putting in as good a performance as possible before you’re stung to oblivion.

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