iCueda full review

Key mislayers, own-head-forgetters and the otherwise memory-challenged can exercise their powers of recall with iCueda, a simple puzzle game for the iPhone.

Each of the 105 levels begins by displaying an arrangement of white and coloured tiles. The game allows you to look at this for five seconds, then whips it away and tasks you with recreating it from memory. The longer this takes you, the fewer stars you'll be awarded. (Oddly, however, 'cheating' and viewing the pattern again doesn't seem to get penalised.)

Stylistically iCueda is a winner, with clear, attractive patterns and nicely tactile-looking tiles ­- when tapped, these pop out as adjustable cubes. But the controls are less of a hit. You swipe your chosen cube until the right tile face comes up, but the problem comes when trying to rotate the face itself, which is fiddly and a bit of a pain. You'll often forget the pattern while wrestling the first cube into position.

The devs boast that playing this game can improve your visual memory. We can’t confirm that one way or the other; our scores certainly improved, but we may have just got better at describing shapes to ourselves: 'Pac-Man, bow tie, bow tie, squiggle.' Which, while amusing, is probably missing the point of an overtly non-verbal game.

Download iCueda for the iPad and iPhone from the App Store

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