iFighter full review

iFighter for the iPhone or iPod touch is a scrolling shooter game in which you are the pilot of a vintage WWII fighter plane on a mission to destroy as many Nazi planes, tanks, ships, and guns as possible.

Survive a level, and you’ll find yourself facing the powerful army bosses. Defeated enemies leave behind stars and medals for you to collect for extra points, as well as the occasional power-up, such as health, bombs, extra fire power, or, best of all, two flanking wingmen.

Unlike similar games that often overload on power-ups, iFighter keeps these bonuses in very short supply. Epic Force’s approach in this game is not to continually dole out the power-ups and extra men to extend the gaming session, but to make the game an actual challenge to beat.

In fact, there are no extra men at all. You only get one life. We find this approach somewhat refreshing as it means you get more into the game and winning really feels like an accomplishment.

There are three different options for the controls, ranging from a virtual D-pad to swipe or tilt. The graphics are handled nicely in a classic arcade style, and the audio, which includes a really nice soundtrack, is great.

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