Infinity Blade for iOS review

Infinity Blade is a spectacular roleplaying game for iPad and iPhoneUpdate: Infinity Blade III has since been launched: see our Infinity Blade III review.

Epic Games’ proprietary Unreal Engine has become a staple of HD console gaming. Now we have the chance to see what the technology can do on the iOS devices with swords ‘n’ sandals adventure Infinity Blade.

You play the son of a knight who was murdered by the evil God King 20 years ago. You must fight your way through the God King’s lair and avenge your father’s death. The game is a linear adventure where you fight numerous one-on-one battles with the God King’s henchmen.

You have to learn and outmanoeuvre the enemies’ attack pattern, returning their blows with an on-screen swipe. As you progress you earn experience points and money, allowing you to upgrade your equipment and more.

Infinity Blade’s graphics are gorgeous, some say on par with Xbox 360 games are not far out of line

If the linear nature of the game sounds disappointing, it isn’t. The key benefit of keeping the game linear is that the experience has been cinematically designed, and there’s no virtual D-pad to obscure the screen. Players can also look around the environment and collect hidden items, which alleviates the lack of free movement.


So does Infinity Blade look like a console game? On the iPhone and iPod touch, yes, especially on models with Retina displays. The iPad version doesn’t look as good: we suspect texture assets have simply been blown up to fit the iPad screen. Infinity Blade is a turning point for iOS gaming: it finally shows what Apple’s mobile devices are truly capable of.

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