Judge Dredd Mega-Gamebook: Countdown Sector 106 for iPad and iPhone full review

He is the law. He is also a choose your adventure, in the manner of the Fighting Fantasy books that consumed the imaginations and pocket money of so many 80s kids, but transplanted to the gleaming screens of iPads and iPhones. No, you can't keep a finger on the previous page just in case you screw up a dice roll or decision, but an optional easy mode does allow you to keep a few 'bookmarks' in the event of disaster.

The main lure is 2000AD comics legend Judge Dredd himself, of course. Gaming history has not been too kind to him, and while this virtual book doesn't entirely redress the balance at least it grasps that random acts of law-enforcing cruelty are essential to this grim future-cop character. Even so, the writing is far too plain, concentrating much more on simply describing the consequences of choosing/rolling X or Y rather than getting inside Dredd's head. It could also stand to be longer, unless of course you're so bad or unlucky at it that you repeatedly get Dredd killed and have to start over. 

Download Judge Dredd Mega-Gamebook: Countdown Sector 106 for iPad and iPhone from the App Store here

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