Knight's Rush for iPhone review full review

Hack. Slash. Brawl. Whatever you call it, the object in beat-em-ups is the same: defeat your enemies. In Knight’s Rush, you embark on a medieval fantasy adventure chock full of enemies just looking for a good smiting.

As you battle through fantastical worlds you’ll play as one of three characters who gain experience, learn spells, and level up. The 40 levels are split across eight uniquely themed worlds, and each time you start a new world your character’s level is reset to one. This might sound frustrating, but it means players get a feel for each character, keeping the game fresh.

Knight’s Rush has taken inspiration from medieval console title Castle Crashers, but it’s no rip-off. Graphically the game stands head and helmet above nearly every other game on the App Store. Every level is dense with vivid 2D art assets, held together by a vibrant cartoon style that lends the game ample personality. Also full of personality are the three playable characters, who carry scythes, swords, and hammers. Each of the little knights are slight variations on a similar style, and their unique abilities revolve around their weapon of choice.

Reviewers have complained about virtual stick/button controls on the iPhone – rightfully so. But Knight’s Rush’s touch-based buttons and analogue stick feel just right.

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