Lumi HD full review

Lumi HD is a fun platform game for intermediate gamers. It focuses on a little fur ball (named Lumi), who has to save the universe from darkness by collecting fireflies and restoring light trees with them. When you start the game, you get a simple tutorial on basic movements, and as you progress further and experience new objects, you get told how to overcome them.

Unfortunately the simple tutorials don't explain much, so the controls are a bit difficult to get the hang of, but we think you'll still enjoy it, and will eventually get the hang of the controls with a bit of practice.

The graphics are absolutely brilliant, and show off the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch to their full potential, while not using up too much battery life. Even the darker graphics for shady or dark areas of a level of Lumi HD are excellent. There is no need to tilt the device to try and see the detail.

The music in Lumi will keep you on edge quite a bit, to help you anticipate the rest of the level to see what surprises are in store.

With a wide variety of levels, it'll take you a while to complete them all fully. Each of the nine levels has challenging paths, and it can take a while to work out which is the best path to take. There are also lots of enemies to distract you (which adds to the challenge of an already difficult game).

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