Madden NFL 10 full review

Madden NFL 10 doesn’t have some of the more nuanced trappings of the console series, but it still offers some of the most realistic American football action you’ll find.

Featuring commentary, a rock soundtrack, every professional stadium, deep rosters, and officially licensed logos and teams, Madden NFL 10 for the iPhone lives up to the Madden name.

It’s easy to play offensive coordinator by setting up formations, plays, substitutions, or drawing your players ‘hot routes’ across the park on the screen. With the tap of your finger, you can also engage in cinema view before the snap to give you a wider view of the play before it happens.

Game time

Once you take control of the ball carrier, it’s a real joy to slow down time with a click of a button and then quickly decide what move you want to pull. A small joystick in the corner makes movement easy and allows virtually anyone to pick up the game.

It takes some getting used to in order to time your agility commands to be the most effective, but the variety of action and strategy behind it is really engaging and true to life.

The quarterback system works well. It’s easy to see which of your players are open thanks to colour-coded receivers.

The opposing AI is weak, however. On offence, throwing is a challenge, but opposing defences never know how to respond to pitches and certain running plays. On defence, your opponent’s offence will almost always throw. This quirk will hopefully be addressed in an update because right now it’s just too easy.

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