Max Payne Mobile full review

Max Payne is a complex third-person shooter that places you in charge of the main character. It begins in 1998 with Max returning home to find that his house has been broken into by a trio of junkies high on a drug called Valkyr. Despite Max rushing to aid his family, he finds his wife and newborn daughter brutally murdered. With this, Max transfers to the drug enforcement agency (dea) to track down those responsible for the death of his family.

The story is split into a number of chapters. You begin with The American Dream; move on to A Cold Day in Hell then end with A Bit Closer to Heaven.

In place of cutscenes you have graphic novel panels, each of which is used to add narration to the story. The game is divided into three parts; with a number of chapters. Graphic novel panels appear once you’ve completed each chapter of the game. Animated intros take you into key elements of the game and, of course, contribute towards its conclusion.

In play Max Payne on the iPad has everything that made it appealing on the PC. Navigation is configurable within the app, and relies on your chosing specific locations on the screen for the controls; it’s a little awkward at first but quickly becomes second nature.

Perhaps recognising the awkward nature of the controls, Rockstar have built into the game an Auto Aim feature (which you can turn off). This points Max in the right direction so as to ensure every bullet makes its target. This is good only so far – in later levels you will be set upon by multiple enemies so you may find it best to learn how to shoot without the auto aim from the start.

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