Middle Manager Of Justice full review

Possibly the most unwisely free game of all time, Middle Manager of Justice is a superhero-themed base-building game that there's simply no need to spend even a penny on. While you could speed up the training and income of your squad of pastiche muscle-lunks, so long as you don't mind a bit of waiting you don't have to.

The game comes from cult developer Double Fine, whose boss worked on classic adventure games such as Monkey Island, and the absurdist, playful humour of their console games carries through here. Heroes are preening, stereotype-spouting goons, and they divide their time between punching thugs, watching TV to recover morale and manning call centres to generate revenue for their tiny, grotty base.

You're abstractly the titular middle manager, working out where best to spend the squad's pitiful income while assigning your heroes to dole out fist-based justice to assorted evil-doers. It's gently satirising FarmVille-style clickfests too, as your main interactions are spending resources to watch progress bars, but whether deliberately or accidentally it's also hugely compelling to see your ridiculous heroes grow. Utterly shallow, but the game is absolutely aware of that - which is why it works so well.

Download Middle Manager Of Justice for iPad and iPhone from the App Store here

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