Monster Trucks Nitro 2 for iPhone full review

Monster Trucks Nitro 2 is one of the better monster truck games out there. It’s a solid racing game with four kinds of hulking monster trucks, a variety of terrain, nitro boosts, and plenty of good old-fashioned demolition.

The objective of Monster Trucks Nitro 2 is to outrace a ghost truck over jumps, cars, and other obstacles in a sprint to the finish line. There’s an accelerator at the bottom of the screen, which moves horizontally to adjust speed. This slide method gives greater control of speed in comparison to Monster Truck Nitro’s brake-and-pedal system.

The remaining controls exploit the iPhone’s accelerometer, as you control your truck’s performance by tilting the device to the left or right or 90 degrees to make the truck flip. The controls feel a bit jangly at times; the slightest movement can dramatically affect a truck’s actions. Accurately judging how your truck will land post-flip can be difficult. Though the finicky controls and tricky obstacles can be frustrating, in the end, they just add to the game’s appeal.

There are four leagues with four tracks in each, plus a bonus league with an extra four tracks. Each track has three levels of difficulty, or Sprint levels. You start with the amateur league; the remainder of courses have entry fees that you unlock as you amass prize money. Unfortunately, you get no choice of trucks, as each track is locked in to one of four trucks.

There’s an online leader board system that compares your scores against national and international opponents. You can create a league with friends, too.

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