Moonlights for iPhone full review

Moonlights is a £1.19 physics-based puzzler from packed with nearly 100 levels. You’re tasked with assembling a tower all the way to the moon, and it’s not easy.

Balance is key: Your tower is subject to the whims to gravity, and gravity is one tough mistress.

Moonlights does a great job of setting a mood. The game’s spacey visuals, coupled with its ambient soundtrack, work well.

Early levels feature demos that walk you through how to solve each one; they serve as an excellent tutorial to learn the right strategy. ( just released the free Moonlights Lite, which limits you to two worlds and 20 levels.)

Once you progress past those first few levels, though, you’re on your own. And Moonlights definitely gets more challenging as you progress.

Sometimes, you’ll need to tilt the iPhone to tweak gravity’s pull. Other times, you’ll only be granted a finite number of “nodes” to work with, which means you’ll need to keep axing some without losing too much of your structural integrity in order to reach the moon - or moons. Yup, in some levels, you need to build multiple towers to reach multiple goals, all at once.

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