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NyxQuest is a side-scrolling platform game in which players control Nyx, a winged girl who must save her missing friend Icarus. On the journey to find him, Nyx receives powers from the Greek Gods, such as 'the Power of Zeus', to assist her through twelve lengthy levels with captivating soundtracks.

Players use the directional buttons on the left of the screen to move, along with the wing button on the right to jump and glide. Players must guide Nyx on her journey, ensuring that she doesn't get too close to enemies, or fall in the sand.

The 'Power of Zeus' enables Nyx to move objects (only if the object is glowing), to help cross stretches of sand or lethal wooden spikes. Use the 'Power of Zeus' by touching the object and dragging it in the direction you wish for it to go. When using this power, be careful not to drop boulders or other objects on Nyx, as it will cause her to lose precious health, indicated by a heart icon in the top left corner of the screen.

The graphics are three-dimensional, which adds depth to the interesting characters and environments that enrich the gameplay. The storyline is based on the Greek myth of Icarus, who attempts to escape from Crete by flying with wings made from feather and wax, which are then melted by the sun causing him to fall (and in this case go missing). It is easy to get addicted to NyxQuest, especially when you tap the pause button looking to quit playing the game; a message appears that reads: "will you give up all hope of rescuing Icarus?" How can you say yes?

To begin with, experienced gamers may find NyxQuest too easy, but as you play through to later levels, the puzzles can be challenging, enough for more experienced gamers to stay interested, but not too difficult to cause novices to give up.

NyxQuest HD - Chillingo Ltd

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