ORC: Vengeance full review

You'd be forgiven for thinking this hack'n'slash role-playing game was a cheeky knock-off of Mac/PC titan Diablo III. From colour palette to font, it's suspiciously similar to look at. That it doesn't play quite the same will no doubt keep it safe, mind.

There's not much to it - this is about compulsion not thought, and the endless pursuit of better weapons and bigger numbers that increasingly seems to characterise so many videogames. You achieve this by tapping on swarms of fantastical enemies to attack them, and using simple gestures to activate more powerful special moves. Gold is dropped, gold is spent on better weapons and abilities, and, with crushing, point-defeating inevitability, gold can be bought for real cash if you don't have enough of it. 

Download ORC: Vengeance for iPad and iPhone from the App Store here

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