Par 72 2.03 full review

There aren't many golf games on the iPhone, let alone serious ones. This is surprising considering the worldwide popularity of the sport, but even in the absence of competition Par 72 from Chillingo provides a reasonable – if a little lightweight – representation of the sport on the iPhone.

Par 72 has a 3D perspective of the fairway, which has undulating terrain, trees, water hazards, bunkers and all the other accoutrements you'd expect on a golf course. Flicking left and right on the screen enables you to move around the course (although the screen does have to refresh, rather than panning around); at the bottom of the screen are a number of subtle icons that enable you to control the game. You can choose your clubs, fine-tune your swing and access an overhead view of the course (again in full 3D).

Tapping the small ball icon in the bottom left of the screen brings up a power meter and the aim is to tap it a second time at the desired strength. If you let the meter run over the top you'll miss-hit and, most likely, send the ball careering off into the rough.

Actually it is this control system that is Par 72's only real flaw. Most golf games have a more in-depth level of control requiring a third tap: one to start the swing, one to pick the power, and a third to gauge the accuracy of the shot. Without this third tap it becomes a much simpler round of golf than most desktop offerings.

You can download a lite version from the iTunes App store for free, or you can play a Java based version of the game online.

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